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So far completely unpublished methods, techniques, and specific processes which you simply have to follow step by step
7 mistakes, parents often make subconsciously but which prevent babies and infants from falling asleep properly
This is of course not the old (but well-known) “just let the baby cry” method!
Suitable for all children aged 0 to 36 months
5 handy night routines which will condition your baby to quickly fall asleep (and stay asleep throughout the night!)
Does your baby suffer sometimes from painful muscle tensions? I will show you, how to get rid of these tensions…
Practical and tested strategies against common problems such as hiccups
What to do when your baby starts to cry excessively and how you can easily calm down your little one in no time (even if you are on the road)
Each and every child is unique: During my work with the sleep expert, we developed various plans of actions which allow you to choose an individual method and approach that is right for your child

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